Friday, June 15, 2012

Sin or Win?

It's almost always easier to avoid sin in the summer. The cost of beachwear does not compare to outerwear; completly logical, less fabric in quantity and quality. What I'm finding really hard not to do is sin via footwear. Footwear almost never jumps my radar, making it tough to dodge tempetation. Why can't sandals be priced less than boots? Achem, a swimsuit is no where near price as a coat. In attempt to pass a sin free summer, I've searched for an alternative to the hagfish sandal crush LA (my shopping partner in crime slash friend slash style icon) has gotten me into, clicky here & here to see her in hagfish action. The wild and eccentric online retailer ASOS popped a similar ankle cinching, pin heeled option on my radar...the Harlot...what are your thoughts? 

Givenchy hagfish sandals  -  ASOS Harlot sandals
Although the Harlot is missing the metal heel and shark tooth detail, it's wallet friendly price might make up for it. In the end, LA and I always swap around, I'm just not sure how easy it will be for her to get them back once I strap them on...haha.