Friday, July 20, 2012

Bones Feel Alive

A heavy weight has been lingering in my tummie as a result of planning for the month of fat magazines, September. Anxiety, excitement, and fear all roll into one, making me a kiddo counting down till Christmas Day.Yet to finish Summer it has been tough to resist wearing the plums and yellows Fall 2012 fashion is landscaped in. Last night in attempt to subtly dress for dinner, a violet mini made it (them) sweat glands, that is. And so my September fever has been cured with a sweaty lesson: it's too early to sport pre-fall in Texas. Until September, let's stick to the hues that make our bones just feel alive: neons and pastels. 

Sarah Aghili mustache ring

It’s like New York

In the late summer time

Can breathe again even

And your bones they feel alive
- matt & kim

Sylvieta 120 color-block leather sandals