Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get it While It's NOT: Sachin+Babi

Get it while it's NOT...not yet in retail via Moda Operandi: Sachin + Babi.
A recent hop across the pond has me pondering the basic slash boring concoctions I refer to as ensembles. What is it about European women that makes them so darn beautiful and cute, pairing a multitude of colors or prints in one look that is executed in an overall relaxed look. Damn it, I want to be Euro. Inspired by the gorgeous women of Spain, I will take on a challenge of mixing the odd together. Mastering a cocktail of prints should only be left to professionals, which is why we should take detailed notes and learn from the geniuses over at MO with A Master Mix: tribal print and "Sing the body eclectic in master mix of global-chic looks. Showcasing exotic animal prints and artisanal-inspired patterns, this curated collection embodies a nomadic spirit fit for the modern world traveler"