Monday, July 23, 2012

Traveling Trio

Summer time days are wrapping up, and most of us are trying to squeeze in as many home town disappearances as possible...along telling everyone else back home about it. With an instant sense of life, my generation has cut off after trip adventure telling into instant, streaming "check out where I am" images via insta-graham crackers. In theme of an instant pleasure, I have changed my rules of travel via souvenirs or gifts. As opposed to bringing back loved ones a glass of sand, I LOVE t-shirt, or lousy airport gift... I'm going to gift them BEFORE traveling. BOOM. Insta-souvenirs from Henri Bendel, because what better gift than one that will make your gift recipient's next travel journey more accommodating. My favorite of Henri Bendel travel goodies: the travel trio includes a bag for your lingerie, laundry, and shoes.

Henri Bendel travel trio gifted to my besties, for our own traveling trio trips.