Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cruise Control

Cruise control is easily accomplished in a wedge boot. There needn't be worry of slippin off the pedal, jamming the pencil stilhetto through, or heaven knows what will happen because I can almost assure you, the helmet was skipped to reduce post helmet fro. Go ahead, I dare you to shift gears in your cruiser via wedgie.  

Isabel Marant jacob fringe boot

I DOUBLE dare you to pick your wedgie in public:

Monday, August 27, 2012

Un-cinched Waist

Take Kate Spade's campaign seriously,  go ahead and have cake for breakfast, and wash it down with a little of bubbly and orange juice in a generously sized cup & saucer. Isn't the weekend all about un-cinching your waists?

"from the deep" dinner plate  -  cup & saucer  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wine Cures All

 If you're as psycho as I am and most of your mid-mid life crisii happen in your closet, then you must also be drowning in a mid summer wardrobe rut. Dying to nail any of fall's trends, weather is prohibiting the excommunication of my summer uniform such as sun - friendly floral prints. Be in a Fall obvious ala footwear, such as a wedge bootie, or a warm red piece, it would be a marvelous feeling to taste Fall and burst out of a wardrobe rut, but how so in this upper lip sweat mustache weather?
I had a fashion flashback to February and took a lesson in hues from Chloe, where a deep blood tone was intermixed with a pastel pink. What if I add wine to my spring summery pink hints floral skirt? Boom, answer solved. Splash a little of wine into my summer wardrobe. 
All it takes for me to get on the dance floor is a little wine, add some fringe and waist cinching moves are born.

Friday 'Tails!

A waist is never cinched with a high cal sugary cocktail. Don't miss the animated and charming stylish Courtney Kerr on her visit to Houston this Friday. Stop by for a tasting of Slim Bob and Skinny Chick's low coktail mixers at Spec's! The Bravo personality is bringing us the skinny on how to mix a low calorie 'tail (achem, cocktail) or too...

FRIDAY, August 24th at Spec's in midtown 5-8pm
2410 Smith St.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cropped Skipped Top

I thought it proper to spare the universe of my not so toned abdominal area, so the crop top slash midriff flashing trend has never been a look I would dream of. It wasn't until the idea of making a dress look like separates that really came to be in Maje's FW '12 piece, a treasure I encountered in their Madrid boutique. Finally, I can cover my one pack and embrace the crop top look in a layering manner. In black and white light,  spared the world of my wobbly bits in Maje's full skirted black and white dress.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beauty Secrets: Madrid's My Little Momo

Blistered tourist feet from the walks us Houstonians aren't usually acustumed to, a manicure and pedicure can come in handy on a travel. Hidden in the luxurious Cola del Oro neighborhood, two dolls and I stumbled into a frenchified cave with blistered and swollen paws, thirsty for pedicures. One of Madrid's hidden beauty treasures is My Little Momo, one story hair salon and one gem floor manicure and pedicure haven.

If you ever happen to find yourself in Madrid, let yourself be pampered in a Frenchified cave while receiving the best manicures and pedicures in the city: My little momó

Monday, August 13, 2012

September Issues

My calendar has up and done it again, boy do Mondays suck. At the crack of dawn whilest web surfing slash shopping, my Ical alarm slapped me in the face with a double digit date, so that I know there is little to no time left in preparation and last minute details. There is less than twenty days till fashion month, twenty two days till IFB Con, twenty-three days till Lucky FAAB, five weeks till Milano Moda Donna, and six weeks until Paris Fashion Week. It's time to begin a liquids only diet (not counting midnight snacks, obvisouly), take deadlines seriously, and await that fashion month high. Thank heavens for Smythson, reminding me that good old pen and paper will never be out of style. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book It!

Wouldn't it be great if we could carry around our fav literature and let it hold lip glosses, cellies, and ex-boyfriend's voodoo doll or whatever it is we hold in your purses... 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Bag Drag

A whole lot of leather is quite the treat. Not only is a big bag any girls' bestie, but it often makes the holder look petite. The bigger the bag, the slimmer my limbs appear...or so the special mirror I like said. This can't always be true though, because recent relations with a leather tote has altered my big bag theory. Barely 5'4'' and a half...a big bag that is long and skinny is sort of accentuating my petite and rather round stature. And so I've told her to hit the road, and find her own form of transportation...achem...a radio flyer.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Florals in a Row

From denim, to dresses, and now stamped in leather...are floral prints the next fashion trend to ditch?  Three seasons in a row, fashion houses and denim brands have shown off their flower power via separates and accessories, but when will the garden party end? With Mother's the looker paradise printed jean still at the top of the charts for best selling, it's hard to tell if floral prints will ever leave. This Fall, one of the already sought after booties is Rag&Bone's floral-print canvas newbury bootie: a twist to their high selling style bootie in a dark backed floral stamped canvas. A lean towards the romantic side, with Haute Hippie's lace trimmed floral print top, Dolce& Gabbana's  printed stretch-silk dress, or Marni's floral cotton blend in black and gold are all fresh Fall pieces heavily stamped in florals. The garden party may be over for the sun friendly frocks that took us to lunch this spring and summer, but the flowers still hold a lot of power. Florals remain starting players in Fall collections, but have slightly been updated with a dark and romantic twist.
Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid, Spain
After hearing rumors of floral trends coming to an end, a hibiscus stamped tote made friends and decided to ROW away....should she stick around for Fall or just keep rowing?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cinch with Oscar, SALE

Oscar de la Renta, the fashion house dedicated to waist cinching gowns, is favoring us shopaholics with a delicious sale. Offering runway pieces, gowns, web exclusive shoes, and trendsetting jewelry the Oscar SALE is not to be missed! Although the breathtaking gowns are lingering on the wallet cinching side, there's no reason to run from the reduced price accessories, achem BELTS.... 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old Town Glory: España

Three girls, one city. After a recent skip across the pond to España with my sisters from other misters, I fully understand what Adele was referring to in one of her many somber but addictive singles, ¨Hometown Glory.¨ So much so that after an embarrassing one hour cry watching her concert at Albert Hall up in the air, I borrowed her work for my own little version to describe our Spain adventure...
We'd been walking in no way as we did
Been missing all the cracks in the pavement, scuffing our heels and blistering our feet
"Is there anything I can do for you nenas? Perhaps a Taxi I should call?"
No gracias señor. Although were lost, we like wandering...
Round this old town, memories will be made
Round this old town, the people we met
are the wooooonders of our world
are the wooooonders of our world
are the wooooonders of our world
I like it in Madrid when
 the sun burns and toasts them, repels my fair
We love it to see everybody in short skirts, espadrilles, and shades

Cinched and friends at El Escorial in San Lorenzo del Escorial, Spain.

Wearing: CrOp camisole in Monteleone, Celine trio, Jerome Dreyfuss igor bag

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Lesson for Fall via Personal Stylist

Some of us were born to swim through endless racks until we find that must have piece to get us through next season. Most of us, on the other hand, lack the freaking time and practice different hobbies....this is where Nordstrom comes in to help with a Personal Stylist.
Personal stylist? I'm not Beyonce. There is no need for Brad Goresky to be digging up fab red carpet looks. The only red carpet I'll be walking on is the red wine stained runner at my apartment, I thought to myself...but then I noticed that the service offered is free...and clicked away filling out a stream of easy questions so the Nordstrom stylist can adequately select and pull items for my special occasion/ request: how do I wear a wax coated jean for fall, and what is the next "it bag" that wont drain my wallet? (Yes, that was my reason to seek help...but upon a wedding, graduation, job interview, and other stream of events are perfect occasions for which to seek the expert advise from Nordstrom stylists.)

Habitual 'Alice' coated skinny - Rebecca Minkoff cross body

After putting in a request via phone or email, I scheduled appointment with one of the twenty-five available Nordstrom Stylist  in the Houston Galleria location. Depending on your request or occasion (mine was related to denim and contemporary looks) an expert will be assigned to your 'case' / request.
After back and forth communications of what exactly I was looking for, and (as soon as possible request on my end) I came into Nordstrom for my scheduled appointment. A lovely sartorial blonde greeted me at the escalator and led me to a dressing room. As we were walking to the dressing rooms I could already tell only great things were to come, because no matter what request I'd put in, I just wanted the outfit she was wearing. If she's clad head to toe in fall's latest in middle of August Houston, imagine the stunning looks she will show me...the customer.