Friday, August 10, 2012

A Bag Drag

A whole lot of leather is quite the treat. Not only is a big bag any girls' bestie, but it often makes the holder look petite. The bigger the bag, the slimmer my limbs appear...or so the special mirror I like said. This can't always be true though, because recent relations with a leather tote has altered my big bag theory. Barely 5'4'' and a half...a big bag that is long and skinny is sort of accentuating my petite and rather round stature. And so I've told her to hit the road, and find her own form of transportation...achem...a radio flyer.

Big bag rule: when considering a large amount of leather to gather your things in, aim for one that is NOT longer than your limbs.

CrOp kearney romper - faux turquoise genuine snakeskin sandals - classic red wagon radio flyer

images per LA of the flip side