Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old Town Glory: España

Three girls, one city. After a recent skip across the pond to España with my sisters from other misters, I fully understand what Adele was referring to in one of her many somber but addictive singles, ¨Hometown Glory.¨ So much so that after an embarrassing one hour cry watching her concert at Albert Hall up in the air, I borrowed her work for my own little version to describe our Spain adventure...
We'd been walking in no way as we did
Been missing all the cracks in the pavement, scuffing our heels and blistering our feet
"Is there anything I can do for you nenas? Perhaps a Taxi I should call?"
No gracias señor. Although were lost, we like wandering...
Round this old town, memories will be made
Round this old town, the people we met
are the wooooonders of our world
are the wooooonders of our world
are the wooooonders of our world
I like it in Madrid when
 the sun burns and toasts them, repels my fair
We love it to see everybody in short skirts, espadrilles, and shades

Cinched and friends at El Escorial in San Lorenzo del Escorial, Spain.

Wearing: CrOp camisole in Monteleone, Celine trio, Jerome Dreyfuss igor bag

El Escorial, Spain

Round this old town, Oh the people we met
are new wonders of our world
are new wonders of our world...