Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Lesson for Fall via Personal Stylist

Some of us were born to swim through endless racks until we find that must have piece to get us through next season. Most of us, on the other hand, lack the freaking time and practice different hobbies....this is where Nordstrom comes in to help with a Personal Stylist.
Personal stylist? I'm not Beyonce. There is no need for Brad Goresky to be digging up fab red carpet looks. The only red carpet I'll be walking on is the red wine stained runner at my apartment, I thought to myself...but then I noticed that the service offered is free...and clicked away filling out a stream of easy questions so the Nordstrom stylist can adequately select and pull items for my special occasion/ request: how do I wear a wax coated jean for fall, and what is the next "it bag" that wont drain my wallet? (Yes, that was my reason to seek help...but upon a wedding, graduation, job interview, and other stream of events are perfect occasions for which to seek the expert advise from Nordstrom stylists.)

Habitual 'Alice' coated skinny - Rebecca Minkoff cross body

After putting in a request via phone or email, I scheduled appointment with one of the twenty-five available Nordstrom Stylist  in the Houston Galleria location. Depending on your request or occasion (mine was related to denim and contemporary looks) an expert will be assigned to your 'case' / request.
After back and forth communications of what exactly I was looking for, and (as soon as possible request on my end) I came into Nordstrom for my scheduled appointment. A lovely sartorial blonde greeted me at the escalator and led me to a dressing room. As we were walking to the dressing rooms I could already tell only great things were to come, because no matter what request I'd put in, I just wanted the outfit she was wearing. If she's clad head to toe in fall's latest in middle of August Houston, imagine the stunning looks she will show me...the customer.

Before even having to lap the store the blonde whose outfit I'm coveting led me to a giant dressing room adorned in various looks, all of which were based of my two requests: an it bag and a waxed coated skinny.
 Without wandering the racks for even a hot second, I walked into a stocked dressing room with over 6 styled looks, that were personalized according to my requests. The decked fitting room totally made me feel like  a rockstar. Who knew that manniquins werent the only style inspiration sources in retail stores? Nordstrom offers over twenty five experts to guide you through your sartorial dilemma...I thought of it as a personal style tutor, helping me find how a short curvy gal like myself can sport wax coated skinnys to trot the fall in, accessorized by an accessible 'it bag'.
The amazing part is that although I had requested a black version of the Alice skinny, it wasn't available in the store at the time, so a couple of other hues were pulled for me to try on for sizing. She even offered to order the black and have it in the store, but my lack of orgazination (achem, with my schedule) rushed me in the store right away, only to fall in love with a rose tinted hue Habitual skinny jean.

Rebecca Minkoff cross body - Habitual skinny jean

 It's amazing really, the dressing room turns into your own personal retail store, where items are pulled from every department to accomodate your look and search. I happened to be out of my favorite lip gloss, Clinique Chubby stick and without having to finish up in contemporary, take an escalator down, and find another specialist to help me, the Nordstrom stylist was happy to stock my room with that as well.

 Rebecca Minkoff desire studded satchel

Rebecca Minkoff desire studded satchel

What's your fav look?

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