Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wine Cures All

 If you're as psycho as I am and most of your mid-mid life crisii happen in your closet, then you must also be drowning in a mid summer wardrobe rut. Dying to nail any of fall's trends, weather is prohibiting the excommunication of my summer uniform such as sun - friendly floral prints. Be in a Fall obvious ala footwear, such as a wedge bootie, or a warm red piece, it would be a marvelous feeling to taste Fall and burst out of a wardrobe rut, but how so in this upper lip sweat mustache weather?
I had a fashion flashback to February and took a lesson in hues from Chloe, where a deep blood tone was intermixed with a pastel pink. What if I add wine to my spring summery pink hints floral skirt? Boom, answer solved. Splash a little of wine into my summer wardrobe. 
All it takes for me to get on the dance floor is a little wine, add some fringe and waist cinching moves are born.

Mason draped hem camisole  - isabel marant boots - DVF vintage skirt

Weather and trend problem solved, but in this mission I have come across a blouse form all small waists like myself have sworn off for years...the hem drape blouse....a problem solved via Katia Boutique. A- line or not, cinching the rim of the side generous hemmed cami creates a slimming illusion (notice bellow  image where my hands are awkwardly resting on my thunder thighs and my lips are pursed ala First Wives Club). Although I had suspected a draped hemmed top would only accentuate and widen child bearing hips, a little bird at Katia Boutique suggested a tease of a tuck-in would not, and wah la! 

Isabel Marant  jacob fringed-wedge boots (sold out almost everywhere but can be found at Houston's best kept fashion secret: Katia )