Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Update

As a brief update of my hop across the pond in pursuit of Parisian Summer Spring 2013 collections, here is a stream via iphonology. So far I've been enamored by the navy and white fluid looks of Anthony Vaccarello, Devastee, Nicolas Andreas Taralis, Mugler, Isabel Marant, Pascal Millet, and Andrew Gn. 

Anthony Vaccarello Spring/Summer 2013 ready to wear

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paris in the Rain

Get the effe outa here, my problem with authority slash good advice led me to ignoring the possible afternoon Paris showers day 2 of Paris Fashion Week, and furthermore the baptism of leather and suede babies, Jacob fringed booties.

Wet by my tears and Parisian rain, the Jacobs pointed in the right direction to show me that their splish splash dots were all worth it, because I looked up and there it was...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pack Rat

Tired of style dot com-ing for live streams of New York, London, and Milano debuts of what's to come for Spring, Cinched will be crossing the pond to spectate Paris ready to wear SS13 collections. I just want to smell the models sweat, absorb the silhouettes of Spring, and be blinded of the colors Parisienne collections will take us to Paradise with. So what to pack for Paris? According to my handy weather apps, Paris will welcome me with a week of drizzle. I hope Owen Wilson's character wasn't lying when he said that Paris in the rain is phenomenal, because my suede booties might want to kick him in the face. Paranoia slash weather proofing has led me to an extreme of bagging everything. There are bags, for bags, for bags in my suitcase, all I have to bag is myself. 

inside the bags that are inside my bag: Maje, kady leather jacket, Adeline top

tune if for fashion week updates as LA and I report via Culturemap!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Left or Right?

Look south of the easter egg dress for a hint.

I won't quit summer wedding attire blabber because I really do miss a past wedding weekend all that much. The topic comes to shoes, and ignoring the multiple invitation warnings that guests would be somewhat off roading, achem, "girls don't wear stilettos." I took it as a rule totally intended to be broken and left a wedge behind. Fortunately, I switched to the provided flats three glasses of bubbly in because the dance floor wasn't letting me leave and I found friends and fire to play with. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

California LOOVE

California, knows how to party. Especially in celebration of the greatest thing to live for, LOVE.  Last weekend, I jumped from NYC, to gather with old friends in order to celebrate the coming together in matrimony of a beautiful couple, otherwise found on instagram as #lcwedding.

I know a place, where the brides are always prettier....I think I know who Katy Perry was talking about in her catchy and oh so impossible to get out of your head single "California Gurls." What the pop star meant to sing about was LC, and her beautiful love story: because it's
California brides that are unforgettable. Congratulations to Lauren & Worth Snyder!

Don't Miss: Full Circle

On September 25th young professionals will dine local eats, toast, enjoy beautiful paper floral artistry by Balushka and an informal presentation of CrOp FW 2012 Collection “Coming Home,” at Roots Bistro while capturing all the fun with The Traveling Photo Booth all benefitting Covenant House Texas!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Please Don't Say I'm Sorry

Thought I was dead didn't you? 
Suspicion had risen that Cinched had been eating chocolate doughnuts in the dark corner of her closet where the Wi-fi doesn't reach and restricting connection to any type of cyber universe, achem: blogging. This type of disappearance has no explanation. You can forget an apology. I won't say I'm sorry, I just hate it when blog posts begin long apologies and countless reasons that lead to humble brags of current collaborations and projects that have hindered the good old blogger from achem, blogging. I won't, I just wont. All I can do is be back. 

Back from the real world and into the cybering. Cybering (and by cybering I mean is the only way I have been able to feed my Spring'13 hunger, because like the rest of us freaks, I'm already sick of FW'12 and can't wait to sport the color blocks, nautical, and dropped waist lines spring of next year will bring. Until then, I will sadly but gladly leave you with a navy baby (CrOp Lillie dress) and cankle hiding friends via Isabel Marant.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Past Fast Forward

Shifting from summer to autumn, achem scorching to tolerable forces past fast forward wardrobing. Yes, I'm still on the "recycle spring pieces and marry them with fall," phase. For IFBCon attendance, in order to attract some future CrOp V.I.B's a high-low hemmed navy and wine skirt married a spanish moss print camisole. Spanish Moss print cami from the past (spring'12 ) went fast forward to the lusetie (fall'12). This trip north, was one of the million times I was happy to overpack. The cami was in the "ehhh I might use that" pile of my suitcase, and it just so happens that it brought me to safety as I had planned on wearing leather bomber and booties all week long. 

CrOp "Lusetie" skirt

Earth to Annina, the weather was no where different than Texas summer hot, so thank you cami for being my bestie. Here's a glimpse of fashion blogger mingling and tingling...

Monday, September 3, 2012

NYC, I'm Back

I'm back, back in the New York groooooove....
Ready for fashion blog overload at IFB Con. In the midst of trying to survive two days in heels, I will attempt to update, swollen paws and all.