Sunday, September 23, 2012

Left or Right?

Look south of the easter egg dress for a hint.

I won't quit summer wedding attire blabber because I really do miss a past wedding weekend all that much. The topic comes to shoes, and ignoring the multiple invitation warnings that guests would be somewhat off roading, achem, "girls don't wear stilettos." I took it as a rule totally intended to be broken and left a wedge behind. Fortunately, I switched to the provided flats three glasses of bubbly in because the dance floor wasn't letting me leave and I found friends and fire to play with. 

Was I right? Either way i knew all along there would be martyrs on my feet that night. Martyrs that would easily be re-healed and bandaged up and my favorite local shoe doc, but what I never consider are injuries of the limbs trotting in the martyrs (martyrs are my party shoes, fyi). A doll I ran into in clutches in the lobby the morning after might not have been so lucky, to be continued...