Monday, September 24, 2012

Pack Rat

Tired of style dot com-ing for live streams of New York, London, and Milano debuts of what's to come for Spring, Cinched will be crossing the pond to spectate Paris ready to wear SS13 collections. I just want to smell the models sweat, absorb the silhouettes of Spring, and be blinded of the colors Parisienne collections will take us to Paradise with. So what to pack for Paris? According to my handy weather apps, Paris will welcome me with a week of drizzle. I hope Owen Wilson's character wasn't lying when he said that Paris in the rain is phenomenal, because my suede booties might want to kick him in the face. Paranoia slash weather proofing has led me to an extreme of bagging everything. There are bags, for bags, for bags in my suitcase, all I have to bag is myself. 

inside the bags that are inside my bag: Maje, kady leather jacket, Adeline top

tune if for fashion week updates as LA and I report via Culturemap!