Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Please Don't Say I'm Sorry

Thought I was dead didn't you? 
Suspicion had risen that Cinched had been eating chocolate doughnuts in the dark corner of her closet where the Wi-fi doesn't reach and restricting connection to any type of cyber universe, achem: blogging. This type of disappearance has no explanation. You can forget an apology. I won't say I'm sorry, I just hate it when blog posts begin long apologies and countless reasons that lead to humble brags of current collaborations and projects that have hindered the good old blogger from achem, blogging. I won't, I just wont. All I can do is be back. 

Back from the real world and into the cybering. Cybering (and by cybering I mean is the only way I have been able to feed my Spring'13 hunger, because like the rest of us freaks, I'm already sick of FW'12 and can't wait to sport the color blocks, nautical, and dropped waist lines spring of next year will bring. Until then, I will sadly but gladly leave you with a navy baby (CrOp Lillie dress) and cankle hiding friends via Isabel Marant.

Navy, mentioned to be the perfect hue of fall and winter palettes, really can be the new black. It's just as flattering because it's dark enough to hide dimply what nots, yet refreshing and occasion eclectic. If this even makes sense, "occasion eclectic" means (in my head only) you can wear it anytime of the day, any time of the year. Although I lean towards waist cinched cocktail frocks, (a cinched waist keeps me from over-eating) an A-line baby can really accentuate one's curves, and not in the sausage effect way.