Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rolls or Layers?

There it was, over-flooding the waistband of what I once referred to as my fat jeans...the entirety of thirty five french fries, fifteen baguettes, eight macaroons, and heavens knows what other million grams of sugar I consumed at the beginning of October. Lord of the calories, heavens of fat, please tell me my Paris diet can be fixed, because I can't seem to hide any of the evidence (achem, rolls). Thank heavens it's cooling down here in Houston, so I can masque in layers on top of my layers of fat. Take note of bellow: one cashmere sweater, topped with a snap front cardigan, adorned by a layer of leather...mission UN-accomplished. The over all result in layering to mask layers of fat is an idea only I would try.  It's just like the super long, body covering shape-wear. That one giant body suit is only adding a layer or thickness to your silhouette.
My advice is, pick a waist cinching little black dress, and go bare. Now my advise to self, pick one piece of knit and leave the other at home. Knit over knit doesn't masque extra lbs, it masques your body from tackle football. So until I juice cleanse my way back to less fat kid version of self, a football linebacker I shall appear.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

PFW: Maiyet

One of the many culturally inspired collections to debut at Paris Fashion week was Peruvian inspired journey through the amazon, Maiyet Spring Summer 2013.   Maiyet debuted at the green-embellished Palais de Tokyo, setting an Amazon ambiance. The 41 looks set in the order of a journey, began with fresh all whites touching upon the salt beds of the Sacred Valley, detailed with hand embroidery. 

A trip through Peru was narrated though deep brown and plum earth undertones in shorts and hand-woven separates in bold tones, resembling the Amazon greens and fertile earth. Each piece in the collection is truly noteworthy. A hand batik long shirt-dress from Indonesia cinched at the waist with a braided double belt from Peru concluded the collection as one of the most covetable pieces.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The It Kit, and that's it.

The It Kit, all you need for a restoration and maintenance of your skin. Never has my skin ever won in battle with the destructive ambiance up in the air. For years my facade has been notorious for erupting impurities upon the surface, briefly following any form of travel. Whether it's dehydration, lack of sleep due to jetlag, the only trooper that does not like to travel is my face. Thank heavens for the discovery of Vbeaute before my last trip across the pond. Post travel skin eruptions are now old news due to a magical little kit, Vbeaute It Kit.

It Girl. It Kit. The It Kit is a customizable skin care system that houses the products you need to give your skin the treatment it deserves. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sock Lines

On a walk over to Coquette while in Paris, LA kept staring at my feet. Starting to worry, I wondered if I had accidentally stepped on mud slash gum, I was borrowing her Marants at the time. Then with a loud chuckle she said "Um, you can totally see your socks." There they were, white ankle sock lines clearly peeping out of the booties. I could see them, but I figured only I could because I was the only eyes that would be standing right about my body. Kind of like when you convince yourself that no one else can notice your purple bra because you're the only one that can peek down your shirt by looking right under your nose. Nope, not the case this time. Sartorial issue of Fall, how does one wear an undergarment when it's necessity and invisibility are of equal importance? When will the Calvin Klein of socks come out with a seamless, almost invisible stocking to collect one's sweatiest body limb to be worn under this season's short booties (achem, the thong in the eighties). 

Socks peeking out of Maje booties.
What is the new undergarment of the foot?  Are sock lines the new pantie lines?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Excuzes-moir, Monsiur

"Excuzes-moir, Monsiur Louboutin, you kinda sorta made a typo when you were doodling my name last night..."  I thought it an excellent day to play hooky yesterday and pick up a pair of signed shoes at the mall. Well, I arrive to a shoe salon that is over capacity of swarming peeps, open the box of the pre-signed babies, and there it was...the first and only pet peeve developed since my late toddler years, the misspelling of my name. Honestly, I'm not sure why my name has two N's in it. It would have made kinder garden and first grade a lot easier. Learning to read and write was tough enough, but telling close minded nuns in a small Venezuelan town that your name isn't Anna or Anne but rather some sort of combination of the two was bazaar. So I went on through Kinder, first, and early second grade telling my classmates and teachers that my name was pronounced "ANNE - NEE - NAH" just so them bitches would spell it right. 
Twenty years later, my favorite painter of red just happened to doodle my name incorrectly.
 JA! Joke was on me.

Thursday afternoon, over four hundred red soled ladies, fans, and boyfriends of fans waited in line for a special doodle on the bottom of a shoe. At the end of the finish line was the cutie pie Mr. Louboutin, only signing purchases made that day, and no books please (damn it, there went my awesome christmas present idea, I had pre- ordered 4 books two weekends ago, like an idiot.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Makes Us Girls

Inspired by Lana Del Rey's single, a look at the inevitable living-room line up of footwear when you share the same shoe addiction & size as your room mate: 
Remember how we used to trip all day and night.
Dodging cobblestones, trying to trot up right.
Looking for a taste of real height.
This is what makes us girls.
Swollen paws and blisters, cause we put height first.
Something that we fall for, it's all good.
Don't cry about it, don't cry about it.

Do you ever un-intentionally form a shoe closet in your door way or living room?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hermes, Festival des Metiers

Houstonians may be wondering what the giant H stamped tent behind Cafe Annie may be. No, there was not an Hermes wedding last week, so don't be sad that you were not invited, it is actually Festival des Metiers. Last Tuesday evening with a preview of the exhibition that opened to public October 10 - 14th, a whole lot of pretty people, Birkin bags, and myself got a sneak peek of the festival of crafts. Presented in New York, San Francisco, and now in it's last stop in Houston, Festival des Metiers celebrates the passion and perfection of the work of crafstmen that give the brand it's exceptional luxury and quality.   

                           The most popular of crafstment: the silk engraving of 90 cm of silk scarves.

Slippin, not trippin

The dog days of pretending to know I walk in heels are over. Yoga toes or not, let's get real and admit that I am from a commuting city, meaning I purchase height and overlook comfort. Yet, for when I am tested in using the babies I love so much in an atmosphere outside of walking ten feet from my car to desk, my shoe philosophy doesn't seem so bright. After day four of torture, a.k.a tryining to look as cute as Parisian girls, I caved in and slipped it. Mid through le week of fashion, I started slippin all over Paris with GZ calf hair Aladdin- esque slippers. 

How are you slippin through Fall?

no cigarettes were smoked for the above image, just a stop and snap on a Paris sidewalk.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thrilled in Paris

It's close to midnight and something evil is lurking in the dark. 
Take three steps to the side with zombie arms and creep out the non approving Parisians by channeling Michael Jackson's "thriller", is basically all I was doing last week thanks to Isabel Marant's Etoile kady leather jacket  topping all of my ensembles. The blood red zipper adorned treasure is a find from the secret weapon of high fashion shopping in Houston: Katia Boutique. I'd been lusting to thrill this leather cape since my purchase mid August. In the red hot middle of Houston summer, Katia Boutique paved way to my Paris wardrobe three months in advance.  And so I thrilled for ten days in the chilly Parisian evenings with gusts of showers and macaroons, in my Etoile jacket channeling MJ's "thriller" minus the white socks, and werewolf transformation.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Walk in the Jar-deeeen

Frenching is not really my thing. I assumed to order two boiled eggs this am, and got an entire baker's dozen with two Shaquille O'neal sized baguettes at Cafe le Flore. Maybe I have the presence of a fat kid, or maybe I´m just terrible at Frenching. This was not our first trip to Cafe F, this has been our go - to caffieine and most important meal of the day fix since day one. Assuming it would help, I begin to speak in spanish slash Italian, but it's become official that not only does that confuse others, but makes me look as if I've also lost my identity. Until my journey back, French lessons are in order. 

Lesson in Frenching today:

garden: jardin [JAR - DAH] 
not to be pronouNced [jar - dean] 

dress: habiller [ah - bee - yer]

hemline: ourlet [OO - LEH]

high: élevé [eh leh veh]

low: bas [vah]

Can we create a sentence with the above?