Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Walk in the Jar-deeeen

Frenching is not really my thing. I assumed to order two boiled eggs this am, and got an entire baker's dozen with two Shaquille O'neal sized baguettes at Cafe le Flore. Maybe I have the presence of a fat kid, or maybe I´m just terrible at Frenching. This was not our first trip to Cafe F, this has been our go - to caffieine and most important meal of the day fix since day one. Assuming it would help, I begin to speak in spanish slash Italian, but it's become official that not only does that confuse others, but makes me look as if I've also lost my identity. Until my journey back, French lessons are in order. 

Lesson in Frenching today:

garden: jardin [JAR - DAH] 
not to be pronouNced [jar - dean] 

dress: habiller [ah - bee - yer]

hemline: ourlet [OO - LEH]

high: élevé [eh leh veh]

low: bas [vah]

Can we create a sentence with the above?