Friday, October 19, 2012

Excuzes-moir, Monsiur

"Excuzes-moir, Monsiur Louboutin, you kinda sorta made a typo when you were doodling my name last night..."  I thought it an excellent day to play hooky yesterday and pick up a pair of signed shoes at the mall. Well, I arrive to a shoe salon that is over capacity of swarming peeps, open the box of the pre-signed babies, and there it was...the first and only pet peeve developed since my late toddler years, the misspelling of my name. Honestly, I'm not sure why my name has two N's in it. It would have made kinder garden and first grade a lot easier. Learning to read and write was tough enough, but telling close minded nuns in a small Venezuelan town that your name isn't Anna or Anne but rather some sort of combination of the two was bazaar. So I went on through Kinder, first, and early second grade telling my classmates and teachers that my name was pronounced "ANNE - NEE - NAH" just so them bitches would spell it right. 
Twenty years later, my favorite painter of red just happened to doodle my name incorrectly.
 JA! Joke was on me.

Thursday afternoon, over four hundred red soled ladies, fans, and boyfriends of fans waited in line for a special doodle on the bottom of a shoe. At the end of the finish line was the cutie pie Mr. Louboutin, only signing purchases made that day, and no books please (damn it, there went my awesome christmas present idea, I had pre- ordered 4 books two weekends ago, like an idiot.)
Christian Louboutin killing it in striped stockings.

Thank heavens for galpal Mallory who saved the day and allowed me to jump in line w her so Mr. CL could doodle in the missing "N."
The beautiful Mallory Bolus with Christian Louboutin. 

As my travel buddies in Spain have learned from every time I made a reservation and a Spaniard would make me spell out my name it's A - N - N - I - N - A [ah - nee - nah].

(images per Mallory Bolus)