Monday, October 15, 2012

Hermes, Festival des Metiers

Houstonians may be wondering what the giant H stamped tent behind Cafe Annie may be. No, there was not an Hermes wedding last week, so don't be sad that you were not invited, it is actually Festival des Metiers. Last Tuesday evening with a preview of the exhibition that opened to public October 10 - 14th, a whole lot of pretty people, Birkin bags, and myself got a sneak peek of the festival of crafts. Presented in New York, San Francisco, and now in it's last stop in Houston, Festival des Metiers celebrates the passion and perfection of the work of crafstmen that give the brand it's exceptional luxury and quality.   

                           The most popular of crafstment: the silk engraving of 90 cm of silk scarves.


Porcelain Painter, Christina, shared that it takes her about one week to complete each plate.