Monday, October 15, 2012

Slippin, not trippin

The dog days of pretending to know I walk in heels are over. Yoga toes or not, let's get real and admit that I am from a commuting city, meaning I purchase height and overlook comfort. Yet, for when I am tested in using the babies I love so much in an atmosphere outside of walking ten feet from my car to desk, my shoe philosophy doesn't seem so bright. After day four of torture, a.k.a tryining to look as cute as Parisian girls, I caved in and slipped it. Mid through le week of fashion, I started slippin all over Paris with GZ calf hair Aladdin- esque slippers. 

How are you slippin through Fall?

no cigarettes were smoked for the above image, just a stop and snap on a Paris sidewalk.