Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sock Lines

On a walk over to Coquette while in Paris, LA kept staring at my feet. Starting to worry, I wondered if I had accidentally stepped on mud slash gum, I was borrowing her Marants at the time. Then with a loud chuckle she said "Um, you can totally see your socks." There they were, white ankle sock lines clearly peeping out of the booties. I could see them, but I figured only I could because I was the only eyes that would be standing right about my body. Kind of like when you convince yourself that no one else can notice your purple bra because you're the only one that can peek down your shirt by looking right under your nose. Nope, not the case this time. Sartorial issue of Fall, how does one wear an undergarment when it's necessity and invisibility are of equal importance? When will the Calvin Klein of socks come out with a seamless, almost invisible stocking to collect one's sweatiest body limb to be worn under this season's short booties (achem, the thong in the eighties). 

Socks peeking out of Maje booties.
What is the new undergarment of the foot?  Are sock lines the new pantie lines?

Although lingerie is usually designed for the funniest part of our bodies, this time it is designed for the most tickle-ish parts of our bodies, le feet. Leave it to Pretty Ballerinas to offer barely there pair of socks for the skimpiest of booties, pumps, and most importantly: darling ballet flats.