Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The It Kit, and that's it.

The It Kit, all you need for a restoration and maintenance of your skin. Never has my skin ever won in battle with the destructive ambiance up in the air. For years my facade has been notorious for erupting impurities upon the surface, briefly following any form of travel. Whether it's dehydration, lack of sleep due to jetlag, the only trooper that does not like to travel is my face. Thank heavens for the discovery of Vbeaute before my last trip across the pond. Post travel skin eruptions are now old news due to a magical little kit, Vbeaute It Kit.

It Girl. It Kit. The It Kit is a customizable skin care system that houses the products you need to give your skin the treatment it deserves. 

An elegant gunmetal clutch, the It Kit holds a supply of your five essential products that is easy to take anywhere, anytime and for any skin care regimen.
With a patented design, the It Kit is refillable and customizable; perfect on-the-go sizes of your favorite products are available for replenishment. All new product launches will be available in refill sizes for further customization.