Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thrilled in Paris

It's close to midnight and something evil is lurking in the dark. 
Take three steps to the side with zombie arms and creep out the non approving Parisians by channeling Michael Jackson's "thriller", is basically all I was doing last week thanks to Isabel Marant's Etoile kady leather jacket  topping all of my ensembles. The blood red zipper adorned treasure is a find from the secret weapon of high fashion shopping in Houston: Katia Boutique. I'd been lusting to thrill this leather cape since my purchase mid August. In the red hot middle of Houston summer, Katia Boutique paved way to my Paris wardrobe three months in advance.  And so I thrilled for ten days in the chilly Parisian evenings with gusts of showers and macaroons, in my Etoile jacket channeling MJ's "thriller" minus the white socks, and werewolf transformation.

On the way to pay respect to Isabel Marant, like a true and totally obsessed fan, wearing Etoile jacket and blackson booties stolen from LA (also snagged at Katia Boutique).  By the way, this whole "over the shoulder" effortlessly chic look I was going for is completely impractical. I don't know how Garance Dore and Giovanna Batagglia pull it off but my fat round shoulders totally kept slipping my jacket off and eventually my bag and tourist/fashion blogger camera Nikon. Yes, I know, just because I own a nikon doesn't make me a photog, but that would be like me yelling at every hipster I know with a Nespresso "pod" machine that they shadn't call themselves baristas.  

Isabel Marant Jacket & shoes, Maje top, Maxmara skirt

Hmm I may not have transformed into a werewolf like MJ, but my sideburns are hinting to it as pictured bellow in a practical Uber ride to a Anthony Vacarello show. Damn you red leather....