Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OMG, $ale.

I didn't black out Friday, nor did I cyber away Monday, because I'm saving my shopping to snag me some discounted goodies that haven't overfilled my inbox. For cereal, I'm talking to you emailing addicts of retailers I've ever shopped from and given my information to before, CUT IT OUT. We get it, if I shop this, you'll give me that. Blah blah, I don't want to go to the Galleria. I'd like to shop in peace, away from you all. But none the less, like a true shopaholic I can't resist a discount, so when there are bubbles involved I'm sold.
Come party with me on Friday and shop all day Saturday at 3200 Kirby, suite 200 for CrOp by David Peck's Studio Sale!

CrOp by David Peck Studio Sale
November 30 - December 1
3200 Kirby, Suite 200

Time for Shots

Thanksgiving has kicked off the season of calories, Christmas lights, and over served spirits. Aside of shot of sassy ness to get me through it all, a bit of espresso may help. And if you just happened to roll your eyes at this idea because you are one of those incredibly energized beings that go on 6 mile morning runs even when you're hung over, then consider this a great gift guide.  For a caffeine filled christmas box might be essential for your normal friends to get the energy buzz to hang out with you.
Ritz Carlton Vienna Nespresso adorned room.
The truth is, not all kitchen gadgets are offensive gifts. When the product is necessary, achem composer of energy, then it is not going to be received with the same gratitude your mother expressed when you gifted her a vacuum on mother's day. This should be received with a "omg I never have to go to Starbucks in my pijamas anymore," or "I've been meaning to get one of these," or "omg this perfectly matches my new china set."

Friday, November 23, 2012

Love Locked

There is a gate in Prague at which couples visit to cinch a lock symbolizing their love. The lock is locked on the gate, and key is thrown down in the river. It isn't a very big wall, but it's busy appearance is composed of eclectic styles and colors of the locks. Big ones, little ones, graffitied ones, and so on. "And at the finish of the year the city cuts the locks and cleans the wall," concluded our tour guide as we left the wall and continued trotting the cobble stones. Immediately I wanted to fly home and grab the lock I removed from the paddington bag I first began my crush on Phoebe Philo with. The lock made everything about the multiple compartmented bag, but adds about five extra pounds to it. During my love affair with red Paddington (yes, the bag is red), I wore the lock for about three days, and grabbed the hanging key, unlocked and place it in lord knows where. I really wish I had saved it.
But seriously, please explain to me the purpose aside aesthetic to lock adorned handbags. But more so, please explain to me the growing worldwide trend of "love padlocks." 

Love Padlock in Prague, Czech Republic.
Ending the tour, our sweet guide asked if I would return with a loved one plus lock, when a giant carkle snotted out of my mouth in responce. Um, no.
And even if I could ever feel what it is that Taylor Swift songs I sing in the shower are about, I'm pretty sure this is the last way to express so.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sweating Party

It has come to my attention that some people are still hosting comic sweater parties during the holidays. It's like 5 de Mayo, another reason to overserve yourself your favorite type of naughty water, and dress in theme. Go ahead and go wild...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wrinkled In n Out

Wrinkling, worn, and soft are the signs of a wise jacket right there. Well trusted, because it has been worn and cracked into many days of wearing; wise because of it's experience and stories held and represented by each and every of the cracks. But what happens when the south region of your ensemble's wrinkly appearance is brand new? Wrinkles representing mere aesthetic that boasts accordion characteristics. Yes, I mean the musical instrument that is sometimes referred to as a "squeezebox." With a great appreciation for elastic waistbands, a voluminous piece that will gradually expand as to my liking can come in handy this holiday season. Just as Holiday cookies can't escape me, my favorite Holiday skirt must be trusted to expand horizontally, just as I presume my thunder thighs will.

What musical instrument is your favorite Holiday skirt?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Body Heat

I heard somewhere like ninety percent of body heat is emitted through ours heads, which i highly doubt is true because ruined white shirts and regular purchases of Degree conclude it's coming from elsewhere. But then Prague slapped me across the face with it's charming glacial wind and I begged to differ. That bitch stole all my heat in about five milli-seconds. Lesson learned and I've been trying to collect heat retaining fabric-made hats since.

Diversity of winter hat styles brought an entire new aspect to cold weather ensemble assembling. Are hats the new handbags? Is the ancient rule that purse is supposed to match shoes now applied to winter head gear?  What type of hat person am I? I think I'm suffering from identity hat crisis, damn you cold weather.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Spirit Animals

Are iphone animals the new spirit animals?
Iphone animal south of the show invite, image per Tommy Ton.
Although I hate to love the over instagraming of selfie mirror shots, I can't help but notice how naked my camera/iphone/life has been. And so I thought I was kinda trying with a trench coat, stilettos, & fabulous sidekick...except for the item that's guaranteed to give me grandma thumbs when I grow up: all naked and natural. Had to jump of instagram and look to all the fancies that are photographed by Tommy, Scott, or Kamel for inspiration, because there they were showing off that even their phones have spirit animals. Damn it, I've been selfish.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hard to Dance

And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake it off, that handbag.
Bag hagging has been fun, but is it over? I've been so into dancing, texting, emailing, and eating that the only handbags that are functional are cross-over slash messenger types. Perhaps it's all the extra fat kid calories I've consumed that my body is asking me to get some extra exercise via hand movements. It just so happens that I really don't need to be carrying seventy five lip glosses, three mascaras, and a dark cacao chocolate bar with me at all times, so I'm left with an empty huge bag. What I really need is something to get my moves down with. Nothing burns more calories than dancing. It's just a known thing slash universal truth among fat kids. So it's time to jam, let's just jam. Throw down that handbag and grab a stereo or two.

It's time to swap, bag for a portable boombox?