Sunday, November 11, 2012

Body Heat

I heard somewhere like ninety percent of body heat is emitted through ours heads, which i highly doubt is true because ruined white shirts and regular purchases of Degree conclude it's coming from elsewhere. But then Prague slapped me across the face with it's charming glacial wind and I begged to differ. That bitch stole all my heat in about five milli-seconds. Lesson learned and I've been trying to collect heat retaining fabric-made hats since.

Diversity of winter hat styles brought an entire new aspect to cold weather ensemble assembling. Are hats the new handbags? Is the ancient rule that purse is supposed to match shoes now applied to winter head gear?  What type of hat person am I? I think I'm suffering from identity hat crisis, damn you cold weather.

 Let's allow Topshop to throw us a bone...and by bone I mean hat options: