Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wrinkled In n Out

Wrinkling, worn, and soft are the signs of a wise jacket right there. Well trusted, because it has been worn and cracked into many days of wearing; wise because of it's experience and stories held and represented by each and every of the cracks. But what happens when the south region of your ensemble's wrinkly appearance is brand new? Wrinkles representing mere aesthetic that boasts accordion characteristics. Yes, I mean the musical instrument that is sometimes referred to as a "squeezebox." With a great appreciation for elastic waistbands, a voluminous piece that will gradually expand as to my liking can come in handy this holiday season. Just as Holiday cookies can't escape me, my favorite Holiday skirt must be trusted to expand horizontally, just as I presume my thunder thighs will.

What musical instrument is your favorite Holiday skirt?

If we took a Holiday. Took some time to celebrate. 
Just one day out of life. 

Isabel Marant moto jacket  -  CrOp by David Peck skirt

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