Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hard to Dance

And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake it off, that handbag.
Bag hagging has been fun, but is it over? I've been so into dancing, texting, emailing, and eating that the only handbags that are functional are cross-over slash messenger types. Perhaps it's all the extra fat kid calories I've consumed that my body is asking me to get some extra exercise via hand movements. It just so happens that I really don't need to be carrying seventy five lip glosses, three mascaras, and a dark cacao chocolate bar with me at all times, so I'm left with an empty huge bag. What I really need is something to get my moves down with. Nothing burns more calories than dancing. It's just a known thing slash universal truth among fat kids. So it's time to jam, let's just jam. Throw down that handbag and grab a stereo or two.

It's time to swap, bag for a portable boombox?
There isn't a worst modd killer than a terrible jam. Here is where a portable jam session comes in handy. Pack it with batteries, your playlist-ed iphone, order less appetizers and let lighten your next dinner date with some music.
CrOp by David Peck "Dolette" dress