Friday, November 23, 2012

Love Locked

There is a gate in Prague at which couples visit to cinch a lock symbolizing their love. The lock is locked on the gate, and key is thrown down in the river. It isn't a very big wall, but it's busy appearance is composed of eclectic styles and colors of the locks. Big ones, little ones, graffitied ones, and so on. "And at the finish of the year the city cuts the locks and cleans the wall," concluded our tour guide as we left the wall and continued trotting the cobble stones. Immediately I wanted to fly home and grab the lock I removed from the paddington bag I first began my crush on Phoebe Philo with. The lock made everything about the multiple compartmented bag, but adds about five extra pounds to it. During my love affair with red Paddington (yes, the bag is red), I wore the lock for about three days, and grabbed the hanging key, unlocked and place it in lord knows where. I really wish I had saved it.
But seriously, please explain to me the purpose aside aesthetic to lock adorned handbags. But more so, please explain to me the growing worldwide trend of "love padlocks." 

Love Padlock in Prague, Czech Republic.
Ending the tour, our sweet guide asked if I would return with a loved one plus lock, when a giant carkle snotted out of my mouth in responce. Um, no.
And even if I could ever feel what it is that Taylor Swift songs I sing in the shower are about, I'm pretty sure this is the last way to express so.

If there is a male soul in the world that would come close to expressing the same sort of activity mentioned above, I'd proudly decline. I mean, how incosiderate and worthless is locking a hardware piece on a gate that a city employee will have to eventually clip away. Let's allow the city officials to focus on alternate tasks, and spare the fish of rusting keys and embrace our own limbs with hardware. Dare i say it, the subject of gifts is in...HIS & HER gifts...
 Cast of Vices "Concert bracelet"  -  Cartier "Just un Clou" bracelet gold, silver  -
Cast of Vices "Hospital bracelet"