Friday, November 9, 2012

Spirit Animals

Are iphone animals the new spirit animals?
Iphone animal south of the show invite, image per Tommy Ton.
Although I hate to love the over instagraming of selfie mirror shots, I can't help but notice how naked my camera/iphone/life has been. And so I thought I was kinda trying with a trench coat, stilettos, & fabulous sidekick...except for the item that's guaranteed to give me grandma thumbs when I grow up: all naked and natural. Had to jump of instagram and look to all the fancies that are photographed by Tommy, Scott, or Kamel for inspiration, because there they were showing off that even their phones have spirit animals. Damn it, I've been selfish.
LA & Cinched find a mirror shop in Paris.
Who do LA & I think we are just instagram'in selfie pics ala bare? Phones need trench coats, fur coats, and masks too, thank you Moschino for pointing that out. How inconsiderate of me.