Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time for Shots

Thanksgiving has kicked off the season of calories, Christmas lights, and over served spirits. Aside of shot of sassy ness to get me through it all, a bit of espresso may help. And if you just happened to roll your eyes at this idea because you are one of those incredibly energized beings that go on 6 mile morning runs even when you're hung over, then consider this a great gift guide.  For a caffeine filled christmas box might be essential for your normal friends to get the energy buzz to hang out with you.
Ritz Carlton Vienna Nespresso adorned room.
The truth is, not all kitchen gadgets are offensive gifts. When the product is necessary, achem composer of energy, then it is not going to be received with the same gratitude your mother expressed when you gifted her a vacuum on mother's day. This should be received with a "omg I never have to go to Starbucks in my pijamas anymore," or "I've been meaning to get one of these," or "omg this perfectly matches my new china set."

Like the personalized millions of drink combos out there, there are millions of espresso makers; let's take a look at the perfect six: one if for the fancy pants sophisticated peeps, those who love a sale, those you love to color coordinate, and those who really just want coffee.   

"Maria Theresa" coffee drink at Cafe Frauenhuber in Vienna.
A "Marie Theresa," named after Queen of Austria - Marie Antoinette's mama,  is a delightful cappuccino adorned with a lovely bit of apricot liquor. The best place to sip on one is in Vienna, where the queen once reigned herself and when her chef left her he opened up the best cafe in the world: Cafe Frauenhuber.

Cappuccino at La Cupola, Milano.
As for a traditional capp, achem cappuccino, I only trust my ancestors.  Above is one of the many hearts I inhaled while in Milan last week.