Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shoe Dance

"Love your shoes,"
"Omg, I love YOUR shoes"
"Want to dance?"
Usually how it goes when I pick up a dance partner on and outing. This time, it was a spanish print adorned doll at Menil's twanky fifth celebration on Saturday. You'll be happy to hear no one spilled anything on my under wear booties. Thankfully, my friends only drink clear beverages, I can finally appreciate their love of low calories. Seriously, it seems like no one even eats anymore because bowls of Legos replaced finger foods at the small gathering before we hit up the Menil. Anyways, twas the perfect evening to wear the white laced subjects I'd been tucking away for one year and half...not even food could get on them. Thank you Houston for gracing us with just humid air and no actual rain that weekend, leaving all of us gals to show off our Holiday party shoes...

black trumpet skirt  -   lace booties (old)
CrOp by David Peck top & shorts in Spanish Moss Print

Back to party shoes and everything we need about them: comfort (sort of), extravagance, and excellent price. Check out my finds for two hundred doll hairs:

Sam Edelman "Paulette" peep toe pumps  -   Tibi "Abbie" booties  -
 B Brian Atwood platform booties   -  B Brian Atwood suede booties

And a couple other over two hundred doll hairs, but none the less on SALE:

Giuseppe Zanotti sculptural wedge -  Miu Miu glitter pumps  -  Jimmy Choo glitter pumps
Carven bow suede pumps  -