Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Totes Kerr

Au courant with everything every girl wants: pretty face, hot manfriend, hot baby daddy, and (to top it off) this season's it bags. Damn you supermodel Miranda Kerr, how come the universe sends all the goodies to you? It must be because you have an incredibly kind smile. Like I can tell we would totally be friends that have slumber parties and vege out by the TV watching the Mindy Project all night, and then I'd tell you how much I love your bags and you'd let me borrow em all the time. And then I'd tell you how much I love your baby daddy and you'd let me borrow him as well. Ha. Joke. Sort of.

Miranda Kerr in Prada flower applique bag.

Miranda Kerr's totes kerry-ing amazeballs bags. Dear Santa, (achem, mom) continue for more options...

Miranda Kerr with Alexander Wang tote.

MIranda Kerr with  Givenchy "Antigona" bag
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