Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holidaying Essie

Spirits, gifts, sparkles, and bubbles has me in a long state of hanging. Although my digits may show otherwise, it might be time to break up with glitter. Yes, that's right, after opening endless gifts from Santa and burning sparklers into '13, my nails are still intact and awaiting to resume the party thanks to Essie's "Beyond Cozy." It's funny because I always assume that glitter polishes require endless coats and twice the amunt of dry time, but this wasn't the case with Beyond Cozy. Even the charming nail technitian that helped me out mentioned that this polish was effective in just one coat as when they apply a gel and powdered glitter technique manicure. The lovely salon, which does not carry Essie, but sure might after I brought them in, was in complete surpise of my home brought polish. So here I am, with party hands and little energy to carry them. 
Clock wise: Leading Lady,  She's Pampered,  Snap Happy,  Where's My Chauffeur,  Butler Please,  Beyond Cozy

I trust Essie's blue hues (Butler Please & Where's My Chauffeur) might resume me through the gloomy January...

“I just love the elegant simplicity of a saturated, vibrant look. It’s so luxe and yet, so easy to put together,” says Essie Weingarten, Founder and Global Creative Director of essie. “It’s one part Queen Elizabeth, two parts Duchess of Cambridge. They don’t mince words and never mince color. There’s no arguing with regal color, it’s just divinely right.”
This winter, noble blues, royal reds and high-carat sparkling multi-dimensional glitters reign supreme. Move over miss mogul, here comes a new breed of leading lady – and she’s here to stay. It’s easy to tell by her natural grace that she’s pampered. Want to make an impression? Go ahead, gild the lily with a decadent gift and get beyond cozy. What would make her absolutely snap happy? butler please. Take heed, because she just may inspire a little self indulgence in you too: you’ll soon be asking, where’s my chauffeur?