Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Psssst....Hey Mommies...

(Or mommy wanna be's, like me)
Two is not enough, three is almost perfect, and four they almost won't all turn against one. Kids. Yeah like babies. Pure, small monsters composed of your best, worst, and most embarrassing essence, running around showing the world who you really are. I grew up with two brothers, and being left out of every cool activity, achem super soakers and Nerf guns, I always wished for a sister and pal...so I always said I need four. Four kidos so no one has to grow up like me, wah wah. As I lay in bed with one leg asleep because one hundred and fourteen pounds is too scared to sleep downstairs (fyi: St. Bernards make terrible watch dogs) have come to the conclusion that perhaps four is too many small heads to keep up with. Perhaps in the near future and by near I mean far, I will start with three and count the St. Bernard as the fourth. Because wouldn't mornings be extra delightful slash insane if you got to dress four little rascals as bellow?  Even if the precious hand crocheted dress might be covered in gelato within 5 minutes of you dressing her/ them? Lucky for you current mommies: ODLR is having a secret Pre-sale today before open to public tomorrow...use the code VIP2013.

Oscar de la Renta Children's wear:
 baby boys coat  -  hand crocheted cashmere dress  -  light pink fitted coat and hat
  navy leather mocassins  -  plaid romper  -  sabrina velvet ballets

Until my time comes, I shall compose and craft collages of Oscar de la Renta Children's wear ensembles, just so I'm prepared...and keep wondering what it would be like to have Elmo as a snooze button...

The secret pre-sale code is VIP2013, and it gives shoppers 40% off all childrenswear for 24 hours!