Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Is anyone else on a diet? Are you so hungry that fitting into an old pair of size 26 jeans has lost its thrill?  My stomach is beginning to eat itself. It is now controling my brain (not that it ever wasn't) so that my dreams are one long cartoon marathon of The Ninja Turtles. It isn't the normal Ninja Turtles episode, but rather a repeat of Rafael holding a slice of pizza with cheese so heavy that it is about to slip off. Just as the off white goo almost hits the floor, I wake up wanting pizza. But not just any pizza, a rather decadent and greasy monstrosity. Like the one LA and I order in the cozy Parisian bar after we've been so lost in translation we've forgotten to eat. 

Westin Paris Vendome bar pizza.
You'd think this post was about the perfect manicure, how to pull off a white blazer, or LA's Bvlgari beauty staring us in the face, but it's not. It's about pizza. I hope you get hungry. I hope you feel my pain.