Friday, March 1, 2013

Caught in a High Contrast

In my defense, knees are the most likely of places to retain liquid and by liquid I mean the excuse I'll spare you of as to why Michael's Cookie Jar products have me sleep walking to the kitchen since Christmas break. Can anyone break their Christmas break settled eating tendencies? If anything for the sake of Spring break in the near time future, I have no idea how I will break mine. And for that, I'm highly grateful for this Spring's high contrast black and white trend. Just like water, black flushes fat...especially when it is the tone of a wide waisted skirt that tends to conceal one's cookie handles (A.K.A. love handles, muffin tops, call it what you wanna call it). Diet unsolved, wardrobe resolved: there is nothing easier than exploring deepest darkest in your wardrobe and pairing it with your brightest and whitest.

because there's always more to the story...

images by LA
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