Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Workwear Redefined, Houston Hotel Boasts Well Dressed Staff

There are days that I would give up my daily dark- chocolate bar to be able to wear my pajamas to work, and there are days where I truly suffer from high-self esteem and just love wearing pencil thin heels with waist-cinching everything. I absolutely have no excuse and can not ever really wear pajamas to work, but what can you say, it's all about how you wake up that morning...and your work-place attire rules. What I really miss about high school, besides not having cellulite and being able to eat an entire basket of french fries before running six miles, is having a pre-determined ensemble (uniform) five days of the week. Mornings were simple. Wake up, eat breakfast, slap on the skirt, polo shirt and get to school on time.
 I wish I still had a uniform. Having an already pre-determined outfit every morning would eliminate about 45 minutes of starring at my clothing rack. In my perfect world, a flattering uniform provided by my employer would really alleviate my morning routines. 
 Early this year, my employer (David Peck USA) announced an associate wardrobe design contract for for a new luxury hotel in town. My immediate reaction was to put in my two-weeks notice and go work for this hotel. Forget all bias thoughts you presume I might already have but just take a look at this line up of work-wear: David Peck USA for JW Marriott Houston Downtown.
Doesn't it make you want to be a part of JW Marriott Houston Downtown?