Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Going for a Hunt

It all started with Ronaldo's ever changing dopkits. I'd watch him strut into every one of his matches toting his toiletries in the it bag's version of a dopkit. 
I've recently found myself pretending to enjoy NBA games with my husband, just to tune in to the pregame ensembles. I had to start Pre-game style, in pure appreciation of the amazing style of athletic professionals. I might be a little bias, but James Harden wins best dressed in my book, every single game. Ladies and gentlemen, James Harden arrived to Oklahoma city, ready to hunt in must be Valentino camo. Along with what looks like a Call of Duty hat, The Houston Rocket was wearing head to toe camo ready to hunt the OKC Thunder. 

James Harden wearing camo arriving at Oklahoma City Thunder game March 6, 2018. image ESPN